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What's Your Identity Theft Risk?



Take the following quiz to see how well you protect your personal information from identity thieves. Read each statement. Choose true or false for each answer. If a question does not apply to you, skip it and move on to the next one.


1. My mailbox has a locking device. ____


2. I put all outgoing mail into a postal mailbox. ____


3. I shred all unwanted documents and preapproved credit or loan offers. ____


4. I use a good quality crosscut shredder. ____


5. I carry only the payment cards I need and will be using that day. ____


6. I know exactly what identity containing cards, documents and other items are in my purse or wallet at all times. ____


7. I memorize all my PINs. ____


8. I shield keypads when entering passwords or card numbers. ____


9. I change my PINs and passwords often. ____


10. My passwords are all at least 10-12 characters long and a mix of capital and lowercase letters, digits and special characters. ____


11. I carry my Social Security card only when absolutely necessary. ____


12. I am very cautious about sharing my Social Security number, and ask why it's needed and how it will be kept safe before I give it out. ____


13. I don't share personal information with unknown callers. ____


14. I donate to established charities only. ____


15. I never click on links in pop-up windows. ____


16. I close pop-ups by clicking on the X in the title bar. ____


17. I don't click on links in emails or text messages from unknown senders, and only do so cautiously from known senders. ____


18. Before using ATMs and sales terminals, I check for signs of skimming devices. ____


19. I always take receipts, safely store them, and shred them when no longer needed. ____


20. I don't autosave information. ____


21. I stay alert to risks when traveling. ____


22. My computer and devices have comprehensive security programs. ____


23. I stay on top of updating operating systems and software. ____


24. I independently verify Web addresses, then enter them directly into my browser's address bar instead of using email links. ____


25. I download software (including mobile apps) and email attachments only

from known, reliable sources. ____


26. I read all disclosure information before downloading software. ____


27. I limit what I share on social networking sites. ____


28. I have taken steps to secure my at-home wireless network. ____


29. I keep all computer and Internet related security and privacy settings at strong, identity-protecting levels. ____


30. I know about and utilize security options for all my Internet connecting devices. ____


31. I make sure my mobile devices don't automatically connect to

nearby Wi-Fi. ____


32. I always log off an account and close my browser when finished with an online transaction. ____


33. I check for signs that a website and its business are secure and trustworthy before entering personal information. ____


34. I am careful about securely storing personal items I bring to

my workplace. ____


35. I don't store personal information or access personal accounts on work computers or devices. ____




If all or almost all of these statements are true for you, congratulations! You're doing a good job in preventing identity theft. If any were not, consider how you may be putting yourself at higher risk for identity theft.


Remember, your personal information is only as secure as the least secure way it is stored or disclosed.


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