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Watch Out for Skimming

Credit and debit card skimming is when potential thieves steal or "skim" your card information. They use it to create an illegal copy or your card, called "cloning", or to charge items to your card over the phone or Internet. Or, they may sell it to others to do the same.


Thieves use skimming devices that are small, easily portable and hard to detect. Certain types are then illegally installed on ATM machines, and sales terminals like those on gas pumps.

Hidden cameras can be placed in many areas and record from different angles. Always cover the hand entering your pin.


If you suspect

 a card reader

is fitted with

a skimmer,

jiggle it.

If it moves

or seems lose,


insert your card.


If a keypad looks thick, seems raised or is loose when wiggled, it could be a keypad overlay. Do not use it.


If anything looks funny or doesn't feel right, walk away!

Try to use ATMs inside of your credit union, when tend to be less vulnerable to tampering. Skimming devices are more often installed at other types of ATMs, like those at convenience stores.


At an ATM or sales terminal, check to see if the colors and materials used match up. Look for an extra piece of plastic or anything that appears added on, wrong or out of place. These can be signs of skimming devices.


Don't use the machine if anything looks suspicious. It's better to be safe than sorry.





Card skimmers fit over original card readers. As you insert your card, the account information stored on it is skimmed by the device.






Keypad overlays are placed directly on top of the of factory-installed keypads. The circuitry inside the overlay stores your keystrokes, such as those you make when you enter your PIN. Thieves also may install hidden cameras to record you entering your PIN.



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