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No matter how comfortable or familiar you may feel on the job, you need to protect against workplace-related identity theft risks. You also have a responsibility to protect the personal or sensitive information of your colleagues and employers. If you deal with the personal information of customers or clients, your responsibility is even greater.

For everyone's sake, including your own, make sure you understand and follow all organization security and privacy policies. Practice good online and offline identity protection habits.


These include the following routines:

- Lock up your purse or wallet when it is not with you. Too often, payment cards, checks, and other identity-related items are stolen at the workplace.


- Also, lock up personal and employer-assigned mobile devices, ID badges, and workplace access cards when not in use.


- Don't put your personal information at risk in the case of a workplace security breach. Never reuse personal passwords for work, log into personal accounts from work, or store personal data or material on work computers or devices.


- Keep all work passwords and user names confidential. Don't write them down and store them in your work area.


-Securely store all documents and other items containing your or others' personal information at the end of the workday.


- Verify the identity of anyone who claims to work for or with your workplace and asks you to share personal or sensitive information in person, online, over the phone or by email.

- Be aware of who is around you when you input, share or access sensitive information. Shield screens, keyboards, or keypads when necessary. If speaking, take eavesdropping precautions.


- Thoroughly shred unwanted documents containing others' personal information.


- Log off and close all screens when you step away from your computer.


- Be extra vigilant about personal information safety when temporary workers, service professionals, delivery people or other visitors are present.


- Watch out for spear phishing targeted to employees at your workplace.


- Don't assume work computers, software, and Internet security systems will prevent you from accidentally introducing malware. You share in the responsibility of keeping your organization's system safe.


- Immediately report any signs or suspicions of malware or security breaches to your employer's procedures.


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