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 What is Identity Theft?


Identity theft is a federal crime. It occurs when someone uses your personal information, without your knowledge or permission, for financial or other gain.


One of the fastest growing crimes in America, the Bureau of Justice statistics estimates that identity theft victimized close to 17 million people in 2012 alone. It has topped the U.S. Federal Trade Commission's ranking of consumer complaints for 15 years. Prime targets include children, college students, military members, veterans and seniors - but it can happen to anyone at any time.


Typical identity theft involves a thief stealing away your personal information to pose as you in some way. A newer and growing variety is called synthetic identity theft. In synthetic identity theft, your personal information is combined with fake data to create a brand new, bogus identity. A thief may combine your social security number with a different name or other fake credentials. Synthetic identity theft can be harder to detect, which can lead to more damage.


While no one is safe from identity theft, there are steps you can take to lower your risks. Click on any of the links below for more information.


How Can Identity Theft Affect Me?

Beware of Traditional Tactics

Stay Away from Scams

Guard Your Cards

Watch Out for Skimming

"Pay" it Safe When Out and About

Be a Savvy Traveler

Cyber Threats to Your Identity

Be Cyber Secure

Online Shopping & Activity Safety

Protect Identities at Work

Signs of Identity Theft

Victims: What to Do Right Away

Be Organized and Attentive

Additional Steps to Take

What's Your Identity Theft Risk?


 The personal information thieves can use to steal your identity includes your...

   - Full name

   - Address (home or other)

   - Phone number

   - Date of birth

   - Birthplace

   - Social Security number

   - Driver's license number

   - Passport number

   - Email address

   - Screen or user names

   - Passwords and PINs

   - Health Plan Information

   - Geolocation information

   - Credit and debit card numbers

   - Financial account numbers or information

   - Photos, videos, or audio files

   - Information that provides access to the

    items listed above


Helpful Websites for Identity Theft Resources


The Better Business Bureau -

The Federal Trade Commissions -


The Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force -

Internal Revenue Service -

The Internet Crime Complaint Center -

National Cyber Security Alliance -

U.S. Department of Homeland Security -



U.S. Government's Online Safety Site -



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