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Credit/debit card fraud is a form of identity theft. It occurs when a criminal deceitfully gains access to and uses another person's payment card account. If this happens to you,fraudsters may not stop at racking up charges on your card in a store. They can cause many other problems, including accessing and changing your personal information.


You can reduce your exposure to card fraud and theft by following basic card account maintenance and safety practices.


- Safely store cards when not in use.


- Consider the amount of cards you possess. The benefits of having several may be outweighed by

the risks, such as losing track of their location or account activity.


- Always memorize your card PINs. Never write

them down on cards or share them with others. Change them frequently.


- Make a list of your card account numbers, expiration dates and customer service phone numbers. Keep the list in a secure place that you

can access quickly if your cards are lost or stolen.


- Go "paperless" with bills and statements.

Otherwise, know when to expect your credit card

 bills in the mail and keep an eye out for them. If

they don't arrive, it's possible an identity theft stole them, or gained access to your account and

changed your mailing address. If you suspect this, call your card company immediately.


- Assign one credit card for online purchases only.




- Check your card activity and bank accounts regularly. Look for unfamiliar charges.


- Keep a close eye out for charges of less than a dollar or two. A thief may charge a small amount

to "test out" using your card. Unwary consumers

often do not notice or care about small amounts, making them prime targets for identity theft and

fraud. Report and investigate any questionable charges to your card immediately.


- When you receive replacement cards,

thoroughly destroy the old ones.


- Stop unsolicited credit card convenience checks. Thieves can steal these from your mailbox or

 trash can and use them to access your credit

and identity. Contact your credit card provider to

find out how to be removed from the appropriate mailing list.


- Don't give out card information over the

phone unless you made the call and know

you are dealing with a trustworthy business.




You can stop receiving unsolicited, prescreened offers of credit or insurance by mail as well as by phone or email.


Call 888-5-OPTOUT or go to


You can choose to opt out

for five years or permanently.

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