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Beware of Traditional Tactics

Identity thieves continue to use simple, time-tested methods to steal your identity.  Listed below are some of these methods and how to avoid them.


Mail Theft


- Use a locking security mailbox if possible, or consider

renting a P.O. box at your local post office.


- Put outgoing mail into a postal mailbox or drop it off at

the Post Office. This will keep it from sitting unsecured in your

mailbox all day.


Dumpster Diving (Trash Theft)


- Shred unwanted documents containing personal information and all unsolicited credit card and loan offers


- Invest in a high-quality cross-cut shredder. Thieves can piece together papers shredded into strips much easier than they can the smaller cross-cut pieces.


Shoulder Surfing


"Shoulder surfers" observe your actions or eavesdrop to steal personal information. They look over your shoulder or stand close by and may use a camera phone to record you.


- Shield keypads with your hand or body before entering

PINS, passwords or card numbers


- Avoid sharing personal information over the phone

in public. If you must, use a low voice and shield

your mouth


Purse or Wallet Snatching


- Minimize what you carry in your wallet,

especially payment cards


- Never carry your Social Security card

unless absolutely necessary


- Don't carry PINS or account passwords with you;

memorize them or keep them safely locked up at home


  Lost VISA Debit Card: 1-800-472-3272, then call us at 423-547-1200


  Lost VISA Credit Card: 1-800-558-3424, then call us at 423-547-1200

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