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Metlife Products and Services
Save 15% to 60% on generic prescriptions and 15% to 25% on brandname prescriptions at more than 60,000 participating pharmacies nationwide.

 Northeast Community Credit Union is working with MetLife to offer our members like you the Prescription Discount Card.

It is an easy way for your entire family to save on generic and brand-name prescriptions at no additional cost to you. It’s a benefit of your membership with Northeast Community Credit Union and may even cover some prescription medications for your pet.*

Chances are your pharmacy is in our network. Participating pharmacies include Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Target, Costco, Safeway, Rite Aid, and many more.

 DOWNLOAD YOUR PRESCRIPTION DISCOUNT CARD HERE, or call 1-855-220-1931, code C0775 to find out more.

Simplified Issue Term Life Insurance
 As a member of Northeast Community Credit Union, you have access to Simplified Issue Term Life Insurance from MetLife.

Competitive rates and a simple application process with no required medical exam, only a few health questions, will take you less than 8 minutes to apply for coverage.

 It’s a way to ensure that family obligations, like a mortgage or college tuition, are paid if something happens to you. As a smart supplement to permanent life insurance —Simplified Issue Term Life insurance can help provide your beneficiaries with financial protection in the event of your death. Think of it as greater peace-of-mind for both you and your loved ones.
 At a glance, it offers:
 Competitive rates
 Simple application process
 Cover financial responsibilities, such as paying for a mortgage or saving for college expenses.
  Covers you up to age 90
  Convenient payment options
  Fast and easy application In the event of a tragedy, it’s a way to help ensure your loved ones have the financial protection they may need.

Call toll-free 1-855-356-3874 and mention code C0786 or click here to find out more.
Every time you click on an external link, you may be leaving the NCCU web site and linking to an alternate web site that is not operated by NCCU.*

MetLife Defender
The online world can be a dangerous place, no matter your age—and now you can help keep your entire family safe.

As a member of Northeast Community Credit Union, we know that keeping your loved ones protected online is important, and that’s why we’ve worked with MetLife to offer you MetLife Defender*. It provides identity theft protection, credit monitoring, financial and medical information security, child predator and cyber-bullying safeguards, and more.

It’s competitively priced for individual and family plans,* and if your identity is breached, MetLife Defender will spend up to $5 million to help restore and recoup damages, including 24/7 customer support.**

You could enroll in MetLife Defender to increase online safety with:
 • Identity Theft Protection – Helps prevent cyber criminals from stealing a member’s financial, medical, personal and social identity by removing Social Security numbers, bank accounts, credit card numbers, and medicals records found on the Internet.
 • Privacy Protection – Proactively finds and works to remove sensitive information being acquired by marketing databases and shared on criminal networks, including usernames and passwords.
• Predator Protection – Scans internet activity and social networking sites to help defend against cyber bullies and child predators to help protect you and your family online.

ENROLL NOW in MetLife Defender or call 1-855-693-3637, code C0787.

Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance
Northeast Community Credit Union has worked with MetLife to offer members like you access to affordable life insurance. And your acceptance is guaranteed.

Life insurance coverage is important, especially when protecting your loved ones from unpaid debts, medical bills and final expenses as a result of your passing. MetLife has worked together with the Northeast Community Credit Union to give you access to MetLife Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance, a way that can help protect your family from unexpected expenses.

This plan from MetLife can help give you the opportunity to provide final expense life insurance coverage at affordable rates that will not increase. And it’s easy to put this coverage in place - there are no medical questions, exams or tests required. Your acceptance is guaranteed.

This plan can be the fastest and easiest way to help make sure that unexpected final expenses can be covered for the people you care about.

Find out more about MetLife Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance. Click here or call 1-855-556-3842, code C0781.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D)

Each eligible member is provided with a $2,000 FREE AD&D benefit without cost or obligation. Additional coverage may be purchased at low, affordable group rates.  


Automobile GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) Insurance

You could lose more than your vehicle if it is stolen or involved in a major accident. For the low cost of $350 you can protect your investment with GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection). Most insurance policies only cover the value of the vehicle - something that rapidly declines during the first few years of ownership - your loan value could be higher than the value of your vehicle. GAP Insurance protects you for the difference between what your vehicle is worth and the pay-off amount (up to the limits of the coverage you purchase) of your loan in the event your vehicle is damaged beyond repair or stolen.  

When you purchase a vehicle for $30,000 that is what the vehicle is worth. After driving the vehicle for a year the value drops to $20,000 and you still owe $24,000. If you were to get into an accident the insurance company would then pay you for the value of the car not what is owed on the car, leaving you with a $4,000 bill to repay. If you had taken out the GAP policy, then GAP Insurance would cover the $4,000 plus GAP will give you $1,000 towards the purchase of a new vehicle if it's financed through Northeast Community Credit Union.

 If you have purchased your vehicle in the last 18 months and did not elect to take the GAP policy at the time of financing you can still purchase GAP Insurance. The GAP insurance can be added to your loan so that you won't have any out of pocket expense. PLEASE see a loan officer for full details.

Term Life

If you are like most people, you may already have some life insurance coverage. But, if you haven’t updated it lately, it may not be enough. That’s why we’ve worked hard to develop a life insurance program customized for our members. This program uses the buying power of our strong membership to bring you the most affordable rates on the coverage you may need to protect those you care about the most.



Credit Life & Disability Insurance

We offer a credit life and disability insurance plan that will pay off or reduce your loan(s) if you should die or take over your payments (up to the contract limit) if you should become disabled and be unable to continue working. The cost of the premium is included in the loan payment(s).  


 Pet Insurance

Veterinary Pet Insurance policies provide both protection for pets and peace of mind for pet owners. These policies mean finances won't get in the way of giving your pet the care it needs. The plan covers dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets for medical problems and conditions relating to accident, illness, or injury. Click here to enroll or follow these three easy steps:

1. Follow the link above to the dedicated page.

2. Visit www.petsvpi.com and then enter your organization name.  You will be directed to the dedicated page.

3. Or call 877-PETS-VPI (877-738-7874) Mention that you are a member of Northeast Community Credit Union and they will receive a discount on their policy.

Every time you click on an external link, you may be leaving  the NCCU web site and linking to an alternate web site that is not operated by NCCU.

Pharmacy Cards

Pharmacy Cards allow our members to receive prescription discounts on brand name and generic medications. The cards can be used to supplement most health insurance plans including Health Savings Accounts, high deductible plans, and Medicare Part D cards. The cards will not lower co-payments on prescriptions already covered by insurance benefits but do cover non-formulary medications (prescriptions not covered by health insurance).


Renters' Insurance

Renters' Insurance provides valuable personal property and liability protection for consumers who rent their residences including coverage for clothing, furniture, and most other personal items at replacement cost. A simplified online application process can provide premium quotes and approval in less than five minutes.  


Mechanical Breakdown Protection

This product provides you with valuable protection against costly vehicle repairs. You can be sure your investment is protected when faced with an unexpected mechanical or electrical failure. As a result, you will enjoy worry-free driving with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that tomorrow's repair costs is paid for at today's prices.  


Home Warranty Plan

Our home warranty plan is an indemnified home service plan which protects homeowners from the high costs associated with home repair and replacement for all of your major appliances and key internal mechanical systems. This product an increase your preace of mind and significantly decrease expenses by providing access to the most comprehensive home service plan available today. This coverage will complement your homeowner's insurance policy.  


Click on the icon above to shop for auto or home discounts!

Every time you click on an external link, you may be leaving  the NCCU web site and linking to an alternate web site that is not operated by NCCU.





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