Vehicle Loan Rates                                                                                                                                                  


New or Used Cars and Trucks                       As low as

 New & Used





Vehicles 10-15 Yrs Old





Certain restrictions apply. Terms subject to change without notice. Risk based lending. Rate received based on credit score. Apply online or call today at 423-547-1200.

up to 48 months

up to 60 months

up to 72 months

up to 84 months


up to 36 months

up to 48 months

up to 60 months

1.89% APR

1.99% APR

2.99% APR

3.59% APR


3.75% APR

4.56% APR

5.06% APR


As of 8/15/17

Mortgage Loan Rates                                                                                                                                                  



Real Estate Loan Rates

All rates subject to change without notice. More rates and terms available. Apply online or call 547-1200 and ask for a loan manager. Private mortgage insurance (PMI) may be required.


Fixed Rate First Mortgages

5 Year                       (LTV up to 85%)                          3.09% APR

10 Year                     (LTV up to 85%)                          4.09% APR

15 Year                     (LTV up to 85%)                          5.10% APR


Variable Rate First Mortgages

30 Year    Up to 85% LTV              4.60% APR

30 Year    Over 85% LTV               4.60% APR

Variable rate changes every 10 years


First Time Home Buyers

15 Year Fixed             100% Financing                        5.00% APR

30 Year Variable         100% Financing                        5.00% APR

Variable rate changes every 10 years


Second Mortgages/Home Improvement

10 Year Fixed                                                               5.85% APR

15 Year Fixed                                                               6.10% APR

15 Year/1 Year ARM                                                     6.10% APR

As of 8/15/2017

Rental Home

15 Year/5 Year ARM         Up to $50,000                       4.60% APR

15 Year Fixed                   Up to $50,000                       6.59% APR


Land Loan

10 Year Fixed                                                                     5.59% APR

15 Year Variable                                                                 4.60% APR


Manufactured Home

15 Year Fixed                                                                    5.59% APR

20 Year Variable                                                                4.60% APR



Real Estate Loan Rate Index rates based on previous week's 30-year US Treasury Constant Maturity Yield plus an indexed APR (Annual Percentage Rate).



Risk-based lending applies.

Credit Scores 626-650  Add 1.00% APR

Credit Scores 601-625  Add 1.50% APR

Credit Scores 575-600  Add 2.00% APR

See a loan officer for more details.



Recreational Vehicle Loan Rates                                                                                                                                                  


As of 8/15/2017

Used Motorcycles                                As low as


New Motorcycles                                As low as


up to 36 months

up to 48 months


4.99% APR

5.99% APR

up to 36 months

up to 48 months

6.99% APR

7.99% APR

New Boat                                            As low as


up to 36 months

up to 48 months

up to 60 months


4.99% APR

5.99% APR

6.99% APR

Used Boat                                           As low as


up to 36 months

up to 48 months

6.95% APR

8.95% APR

Camper/RV                                         As low as


up to 24 months

up to 36 months

up to 48 months

up to 60 months

up to 72 months

up to 84 months

up to 96 months

up to 108 months

up to 120 months

up to 144 months


6.70% APR

6.95% APR

7.19% APR

7.19% APR

7.70% APR

7.70% APR

7.95% APR

7.95% APR

8.20% APR

8.20% APR


Consumer Loan Rates                                                                                                                                                  


As of 8/15/2017


Personal Loan 10.19% APR


Share Secured Loan 3.20% APR

CD Rate plus 2%


Payday Alternative Loan (PAL)


Ranges are listed for existing rates in each category as of date

shown above. Certain qualifications must be met to obtain credit.

Call or visit one of our loan officers to find out more about eligibility, costs that can be associated with obtaining credit, daily rates and other loan information.




Certain restrictions apply. Terms subject to change without notice.

Apply online or call any office.


Farming, Agriculture, & Residential Equipment Loan Rates

As of 8/15/2017

Loans for farming, agriculture & residential use may have extended terms up to a maximum of 12 years.

Loans under $10,000 have a maximum of 6 year financing

Loans over $10,000 have a maximum of 12 year financing


Term                      As low as

2 years

3 years

4 years

5 years

6 years

7-12 years




3.99% APR

4.49% APR

4.99% APR

5.49% APR

5.99% APR

6.99-9.99% APR

Debt Consolidation Loan Rates

By consolidating your bill payments into one, you eliminate debt by combining all your bills and paying them off with one loan. With a debt consolidation loan, you make only one monthly payment — a good idea for when you have five, or maybe even 10 separate payments for credit cards, medical bills, etc. If you consolidate all bills into one, you will be surprised to see how much money you will have extra in your pocket each month, and how much you could possibly save over time. Any savings could be used to start an emergency fund to help prevent a future financial crisis.



Term                      As low as

12 months

24 months

36 months

48 months

60 months

72 months

84 months

7.99% APR

8.99% APR

9.99% APR

10.99% APR

11.99% APR

12.99% APR

13.99% APR

As of 8/15/2017


Your Insured Shares:

Your shares are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), an arm of the National Credit Union Association. Not one penny of insured savings has ever been lost by a member of a federally insured credit union. The NCUSIF is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government. Your money is safe with us.


Equal Housing Opportunity Member NCUA

Rates subject to change without notice

Certain Restrictions Apply

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