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Every time you click on an external link, you may be leaving the NCCU web site and linking to an alternate web site that is not operated by NCCU.


Help Stop the Data Breaches!

As you are well aware, merchant data breach is a chronic issue that costs credit unions millions of dollars each year.  Large scale breaches like Target, Michaels, Home Depot, Neiman Marcus and Jimmy Johns get national attention, but small breaches at local stores also increase costs for credit unions.  CUNA has been actively advocating changes to federal law to address this issue; they have engaged industry stakeholders in the financial services sector and the retail industry; they have helped credit unions identify law firms to help litigate class action suits; and they have pressed this issue in national and local media.  But Congress has not moved and the situation has not improved for credit unions, which is why CUNA, along with State Leagues are taking steps to ratchet up our efforts even further.


With two major breaches in recent weeks and with Congress at home preparing for the upcoming elections, we believe it’s the right time to remind elected officials who pays the price for merchant data breaches.  Let’s face it – the window of opportunity to capture Congress’ attention on these breaches is relatively short, and in the weeks prior to an election, elected officials are acutely aware of the concerns of their constituents.  We have a rather unique opportunity to shape this debate going into the latter part of this year. 


Even though the likelihood that Congress will enact data security legislation in the lame duck is very remote, it is important that they hear about the impact these breaches have on credit unions and their ability to serve their members.  We know credit union executives and members are frustrated about these breaches.  The fact is that Congress may never deal with this issue unless they hear the frustration of credit union members and the best way for us to do that is through grassroots action. 

Every time you click on an external link, you may be leaving the NCCU web site and linking to an alternate web site that is not operated by NCCU.  

Let's Take Action Together

Contact your Member of Congress by visiting StoptheDataBreaches.com and clicking on the “Take Action link.

Stay engaged with the campaign by following our Twitter handle @CUNAadvocacy and #StoptheBreaches, as well as the CUNA Advocacy Facebook page.

Continue to stay abreast of new developments by checking the latest news at StoptheDataBreaches.com following the social media platforms above, and keeping in touch with your league. 

It’s time to tell Congress we need to stop the data breaches and raise the impact they have on credit unions and our members.


Risk Alert!

Phishing for Member Information

Automated Call and Text Message Scam

There has been an increase in reports from banks and credit unions around the U.S. whose customers are receiving automated calls and text messages asking them to enter personal information over the phone. Known as "phishing," these calls are a fraudulent attempt to steal members debit and credit card information.  Members should hang up and immediately disregard these calls and text messages.

Pleas be advised that Northeast Community Credit Union will never ask for your personal information - including debit and credit card numbers - during an automated or unsolicited phone call or text message. If you think your account has been compromised or you are a victim of fraud, please call us at 423-547-1200.


Information Regarding the Target Database Breach

On December 19, 2013, the retail merchant, Target,  publicly announced that unauthorized access to its network had occurred, which may have compromised customer debit or credit card information.  NECU has been advised that Visa is actively investigating this event.  There has been no fraud reported as a result of this breach thus far.

NECU is very proactive about safeguarding our members from card fraud.  NECU has a Risk Office Team that actively monitors our members’ debit card activity 24 hrs daily.  If there are NECU cards on Visa’s Compromised Card Alert, those cards will be assigned a Card Severity Level 1 (Highest Level).  The Risk Office Team will be diligently monitoring those cards and their activity.

The Risk Office Team may call NECU debit card users to verify whether or not card transactions are fraudulent.  Please make sure that we have your current phone numbers on file.

 Any of the following phone numbers will show on your caller-id if you receive a call from the Risk Office:





Please monitor your account activity.  If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to enroll in HomeBanking.  It is a free service to our members that gives you ready access to review your account activity online.  If you notice any unusual or suspicious activity on your account, please contact us as soon as possible.


If you have additional questions or concerns, please call Tess at 423-547-1246.


Don’t Get Ripped Off 
If you read the newspaper or watch TV, then you’re already familiar with the terms ‘FRAUD’ and ‘SCAM’.  Every day, we learn of more cases where intelligent and even cautious people are getting caught up in schemes aimed at stealing their identity or taking their money.  If YOU can answer “YES” to any of the following questions, YOU could be involved in a FRAUD or about to be SCAMMED:   Have you been informed that you were the winner of a LOTTERY, such as Canadian, Australian, El Gordo, or El Mundo, that you did not enter?   Have you been instructed to WIRE, SEND, or SHIP MONEY, as soon as possible, to a large U.S. city or to another country, such as Canada, England, or Nigeria?   Have you been asked to PAY money to receive a deposit from another country such as Canada, England, or Nigeria?   Are you receiving PAY or a COMMISSION for ‘facilitating money transfers through your account?   Did you respond to an email requesting you to CONFIRM, UPDATE, or PROVIDE your account  information?   


If you received a CHECK from an item you sold on the Internet, such as a car, boat, jewelry, etc. 
   Is the amount of the CHECK more than the item’s selling price?Did you receive the CHECK via an over-night delivery service?   Is the CHECK connected to communicating with someone by email?   Is the CHECK drawn on a business or individual account that is different from the person buying your item or product? IF SO, REPORT IT TO THE FBI.  Also, call us if your credit union account could be involved.  We ask that you please be patient when depositing or cashing checks – due to the increase in fraud, we must often place holds on checks to allow enough time for check fraud to be detected.  In addition to our responsibility to protect the financial interests of all our members, our insurance carrier demands certain precautionary steps be taken as a requirement for our fraud coverage.   What it all comes down to is quite simple:  if you have to pay money to get money, something is wrong.  If something sounds too good to be true, it COULD be a SCAM!
Rescue Scams

WARNING:  If you own your home, beware of "rescue scams".  The Department of Treasury has alerted the public to schemes involving mortgages.  Most common is fraudulent companies contacting homeowners (by phone or mail), offering to help them 'work out' different payment arrangements so that they can 'afford their mortgage'.  Many times, these companies will ask for up-front fees for this service, and claim to be associated with the government, or will instruct the homeowner not to contact a financial counselor or lawyer (giving supposedly good reasons for not doing so, of course). 

The individuals perpetrating these schemes occasionally refer to themselves as "foreclosure specialists", claiming they help 'honest hardworking people avoid foreclosure by working out better payment terms'.  Sometimes they pursue homeowners quite aggressively - trying to rush things through before anyone wises up.  Consumers are advised to AVOID this kind of contact altogether.   
Text Messages - Account Frozen

ALERT:  PLEASE DISMISS any text messages you receive that refer to a credit card or debit card 'problem'.  Consumers have been getting messages on their cell phones saying their account is 'frozen', and telling them they need to call a certain number immediately to 'release their account'.  Your credit union will NEVER send you a text message regarding your card or your accounts.

For your own safety, DO NOT open these fraudulent text messages, and PLEASE do not call the number they provide!  These are simply attempts to cause you to call them back -- if they know they've broadcast to a valid cell phone number, they can see who it belongs to and possibly even steal your identity.

Every time you click on an external link, you may be leaving the NCCU web site and linking to an alternate web site that is not operated by NCCU.

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