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The Credit Union Difference

Northeast Community Credit Union is a financial cooperative solely of member-owners who share the philosophy of “not for profit, but for service.”  Unlike some financial institutions, the people on our volunteer Board of Directors are member-owners, who work in the best interest of other fellow member-owners.  Without shareholders to pay, profits are returned to members in the form of lower loan rates, low or no-fee products and services, and higher savings rates.  At a bank, the only people who benefit from profits are the investors.

Members at a credit union are member-owners because their deposit represents a share of ownership; however at a bank, the owners are typically small groups of investors.  Credit union members are united by a common bond of membership.

Our credit union is insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a U.S. government agency, for deposits up to $250,000.

Our Core Values

1.      Service Excellence:  We are a member-focused organization committed to exceeding expectations in everything we do.

2.      Integrity:  We earn your trust by being responsible, honest, and accountable.

3.      Respect:  We are a caring organization that respects and values our members, employees, and community.

4.      Financial Stability:  We can be relied upon for our financial strength and security.

What’s New at the Credit Union?

2013 was a year of growth at the credit union.  The second level at the main office was finished and additional offices added.  The downstairs also received a facelift.

A mobile-friendly website was added making it easier for our members to find what they are looking for on our website.

The credit union now has Remote Deposit available.  Members can take a photo of their check, send to us, and we’ll make the deposit for them.

Wendy Mahan, formerly the branch manager of our Roan Mountain Branch, moved to our 19E location as branch manager. Julie Peterson, a loan officer, was promoted to branch manager of the Roan Mountain location. 

We were granted the NCUA Low Income Designation.  The designation allows credit unions to apply for grants to help in their communities.  It also permits the credit union to accept non-member deposits from other sources.

Educational classes were held at all branches informing members of their MediCare options.

Purpose and Importance of Verifying Your Accounts

The purpose of member account verification is to detect errors by requesting that you, our member, respond if the activity or balance on your statement is not accurate.  Account verifications are conducted (by the credit union?) at least once every two years.

Duties of Credit Union Officers, Directors, and Committees

Each year at the credit union annual meeting the membership elects directors for a three year term. This is a volunteer position and no compensation is paid to the directors. Qualifications for running for the position of director are:  Must be a member in good standing, at least 18 years of age, been member for a minimum of three years, all financial obligations must be current and making payments according to schedule, no record of bankruptcy or collections, must qualify for surety bond, commit to attend all meetings, and support the credit union by using the credit union’s products and services.

Responsibilities of the board of directors include:

         Providing safe and sound financial stewardship of the assets of the credit union

         Providing the membership with high quality financial services at a good value

         Providing opportunities for the membership to improve their financial lives

         Complying with all applicable laws and regulations

The board fulfills its role through planning, policies, selection of the credit union’s CEO, and oversight of management’s performance. Committee members will fulfill their roles through completing the requirements of their assigned functions. The board and officials do not become involved with the daily operations of the credit union.

Each official must be bondable. Directors and officials must maintain the highest standards of personal and professional ethical conduct. Paramount is the maintenance of member confidentiality, credit union business confidentiality, and appropriate disclosure of any conflict of interest.

Financial Responsibility
Directors and officials are expected to maintain the highest standards of financial responsibility, especially in dealings with the credit union.

Directors and officials chart the financial and service course for the credit union. Therefore, each director is expected to be involved in the credit union through strategic or operational planning and goal setting, setting policy, maintaining a high level of competence in legislative and regulatory issues, and understanding the financial needs of the membership.

The board must maintain the integrity of the credit union by ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

The board is responsible for maintaining safe and sound operations over time and for assuring that the credit union is strategically positioned for future operations. Several areas of the credit union’s overall operations contribute to maintenance of continuity. Continuity will be achieved through strategic and operational planning, maintenance of adequate capital, sound asset-liability management, sound risk management, management development and accountability, and management and board succession planning.

The board will strive to develop sound policies that provide general direction for key areas. Policies will be supplemented and implemented by procedures, which are written by management.






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